I keep thinking about all the things I want to do in Charleston in just a few weeks; Andolini’s, Folly Beach, Poe’s, Kaminski’s, Menchies– why does everything involve food? I guess that’s the life of a preggo. I literally dream about cookie dough ice cream and cream puffs. And I’m definitely dreaming about my diet going right back to normal, along with exercise after the delivery. In fact, I’ve actually been avoiding setting up the Wii fit to do yoga because it doesn’t account for pregnancy weight and if you are overweight it just says, “You’re fat!” Classy. I guess the wii fit practices tough love.

Okay, I’m way off topic. I’m just truly excited to see two of my favorite people in a few weeks; Sarah and Donald. They’re an amazing couple, Donald’s about to graduate med-school and they are moving from beautiful Charleston, to literally the ghetto of Memphis, Tennessee to do his residency at a Christian outreach. They are both my spiritual parents, and they took me in when I first came to know Christ. I was kind of like their rebellious teenager (even though I’m older than Sarah and she’s my cousin) but through it all they continuously loved on me and spoke truth into my life. I always say, I truly don’t think I would have married such an amazing man of God, had it not been for the way they lived out their walk with God together. They are a constant reminder over my life that actions are important. They give the perfect mix of accountability, truth and love. Okay, I’m done bragging- I know Sarah will read this and she’s so humble that it will make her blush! But each time I’m preparing to visit, it’s always such a strong reminder of how far God has brought me. And how I am so stinkin’ happy I’m not in the place I was while living there. I seriously just did not get it! 

Anyways, I really, really want to start writing again. Whether it’s blogging, or journaling. I just think it’s the best way to be encouraged that God is working in our lives, even when we feel he isn’t. Sometimes, progress seems slow, and patience begins to feel like we are stagnant in our walk. But, each time I read my old journals, or blogs, I just can’t help but feel extremely blessed. We’ve had so many people pray words over us that this was our year of favor. And had I not written those words down, I would probably forget how evident that has been in our relationship. We are having a baby boy, buying a house, switched churches, met amazing new people and we are truly loving our new community. If that isn’t the favor of the Lord, I don’t know what is.