Alright, I guess I failed the second day of my new/old resolution! But, I have a good excuse ;) My hubby needed the computer to write a final for a class. With that being said, I’m just going to just get right down to it… MY BIG SISTER IS ENGAGED!!! How exciting is that?! SO EXCITING! I am extremely happy to welcome her soon-to-be hubby, Brad to the family!! And I am even more excited that I now have an excuse to start looking at wedding blogs again (not that I really ever stopped!!)

Brad did such an amazing job picking out the perfect ring for Jen, and I just need to show this beauty off…

Soooo pretty isn’t it?! Anyways, I just wanted to tell my sister how excited I am for her, and that I wish we lived closer to be there for every little step! I know planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, but just know I’m here whenever you need me! I love you and we are soooo stinking happy for you! Now, go set a date!!!