Wowzah’s it’s been awhile! It’s funny how one can go from being blogger obsessed, to not even reading, or writing blogs for months! I think the last time I was able to keep up with this thing was after I made a resolution to write everyday, even about the smallest, dumbest thing. And it lasted a few years! So now, here it is a new, or I guess you can say old resolution is back… writing everyday…no excuses. After all, we have so much excitement in our lives right now. Hmm, let’s see, for instance a certain little baby BOY named, Noah?!

It’s amazing that last year at this time we were knee-deep with wedding, wedding, and more wedding. I honestly never would have thought last year, that I would be pregnant only a year later!  Now, our focus is surrounded around this little growing, healthy, baby boy and I would not have it any other way. The other day Zoe (our crazy kitty) was laying on my stomach sleeping and she woke up to do a little stretch and yawn and I seriously lost it. Call it pregnancy hormones if you wish, but I just started down-right bawling. All I could think about was how Noah was soon going to be doing the same exact thing; laying his little head on my chest, sleeping and waking up for a quick stretch and yawn. It truly blows my mind how much you can love someone you’ve never even met. There’s such an overwhelming joy that comes from hearing your baby’s heartbeat, seeing him move around at our ultrasounds, or feeling his dance parties in my belly. (which by the way I sincerely pray he get’s his fathers moves ;) Anywho, I am just so stinking excited to meet this little boy. And I’m even more excited to watch my husband with our son. He’s going to be an amazing father.

Anyways, I just thought what better way to start writing again, than to let Noah know how excited we are to meet him :) Here’s the most recent picture of Noah & I at 21 weeks. Oh, and don’t let the hair fool you. My hair is in a messy bun… it’s not a short, boy bob! haha