I have never met a man in my life that has wanted a little kitty more than my husband. Or maybe he was just saying that because I was so excited pre-wedding, talking about how married life would be… Just us, our cute little place, and a little kitty. Anywho, Ethan sent me a picture of this little Pee-wee, and then called me at work saying he was bringing her home. Total surprise… He’s the best!

Isn’t that face just the sweetest? I am in LOVE.

Is it weird to love a kitty so much? She is 7 1/2 weeks old and can fit in the palm of your hand. Needless to say, our Zoe was the runt of the litter. But she is so sweet, and loves us so much already. In fact, we had to sleep downstairs on the floor with her last night, because she is too tiny to climb the stairs to our room, and definitely does not want us out of her sight. I went to take a shower & through the water, and vent noise, I could hear her little, tiny, screechy meow begging me to come out. It seriously broke my heart to leave for work this morning! All because of a kitty.

As I was driving to work, thinking about my little family, and listening to Love Came Down by Brian Johnson. (The same song that Ethan’s brother Isaiah, and my bestie Shanna rocked singing at our wedding) I felt such a strong presence of God resting on me. I just really want to savor and hold onto this season of my life. I have so much thanks to give to God for what he’s given me… and it’s so much better than what I ever thought it would be!

Love these lyrics…

“I remind myself of all that you’ve done, and the life I have, because of your Son”