WE DID IT!!!!!



Hello, My name is Mrs. Christine Bennett :D

I decided to write a blog on the plane ride to our honeymoon, so I could remember all the little details that meant so much to me! I never actually posted it to my blog, but here it is!


Words cannot describe how much joy is in my heart right now, and the pure happiness I felt on our wedding day. In fact, we are actually on the airplane headed on our honeymoon right at this very moment. Ethan is snoring next to me, with drool coming out of his mouth. Okay, maybe not the drool part… But in all seriousness yesterday was the PERFECT day. It’s amazing to look back on our day and see how all the little petty worries played out. It was truly yet another testimony to God’s faithfulness. And how he truly knows what’s best for us, above our own needs, wants & desires.

For days leading up to the wedding I was so worried about the rain. Seriously y’all, it was bad. I was an OCD weather-checker every 5 minutes. Ethan and I decided not to rent a tent. I had this vision of lights draping over the tables with stars in the sky and just a cute, simple backyard DIY wedding. We had our whole church body praying and rebuking the rain, so we decided to just let the tent issue go & opt out. It was just NOT going to rain. Yeahhh right.

First off, I have to say I was absolutely in shock as I walked up to the reception site. I could not believe how our vision for the wedding was played out. Everything was so perfect and better than what I had expected. And I mean everything. The months we spent scouring wedding blogs, sewing, and crafting completely paid off.

Juliet Jones and her hubby Mat flew out to Maine and captured our ceremony and reception. I seriously love that girl, she is THE BEST… and I am super excited to see the photos!!! Anywho, the rain held off until right after the ceremony and even after taking pictures at a gorgeous field right up the road from Ethan’s parents house. We were surrounded by fields of long grass, wild flowers and dew from the pending rain. I seriously cannot even describe how I felt standing in that field… in my wedding dress, with my adorable husband in his cute little suspenders and skinny tie.

Right after we arrived to our reception site from the pictures the rain started to fall. We ended up having our first dance to “Amen” by Dave Barnes in the rain, which was soo incredibly romantic. I also thought it was so stinking cute to see everyone sitting under the lights with their umbrellas out.

check-out our song :D… it’s one of my favs!!

Anyways, as the reception went on the rain continued to get heavier, which only meant the party got better. We danced the night away with our closest friends and family in the pouring rain. SO FUN! And then, to finish out the night we all decided to jump in the pool… full wedding attire and all. I have to say my very favorite memory from our wedding reception was jumping in the pool with my mom on one side, and my mother-in-law on the other. Classic.

Our wedding was so us, and surpassed my expectations. I’ve never had more fun in my life!!! And I can’t express how perfect it was… just PERFECT! I wish we could relive each and every moment over again.

I just have to say God’s grace & love has never felt more real, and more evident in my life than now. I woke up this morning in total shock thinking about how much God has blessed me. God gave me such an awesome perspective in so many different ways through our wedding day and night. So often we are blind to what God is doing behind the scenes, or how he is working. I was so stressed that the rain was going to ruin all the hard work everyone put into the reception, but the rain was actually what made the wedding. And I was so upset with myself for not waiting until marriage in other aspects, but God blessed me for repenting and walking in truth, and I was able experienced his Grace in such a different way. God is so good.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield;
   the LORD bestows favor and honor;
no good thing does he withhold
   from those whose walk is blameless.

Psalm 84:11

It was truly a day I will never forget and I cannot stop looking at my husband next to me sleeping on the plane. Every single trial, circumstance, and event was so awesomely planned, and worked for our good to bring us into marriage. Walking in the plan of God completely changed my worldly aspect of what marriage is about… He changed my view and showed me how God actually intended it to be. And so on this day, I just pray that we continue to set our sights on God… that we continue to press into seeing marriage as the Lord made it, and that he makes me the wife and woman I am supposed to be for Ethan. I love this crazy journey we just began and I have to agree with the married folk out there… marriage ROCKS!

Thank you to everyone who drank wine, smoked cigars, danced the night away in the pouring rain, and swam in the pool. We love you guys so much!! I am so thankful and blessed for the amazing family, friendships & community that surrounds us… and so looking forward to this season of blessing that is only going to continue. As Ethan always says, I truly believe the favor of God is on us, and that is AWESOME!

Here are just a few pics from the night…

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett…

The lovely cake…

Just a little wet…

One of my lovely bridesmaids…

Just me…

My beautiful mom…