I’ve never been a movie buff. At least that’s what I was just telling Shanna last month… what a lie. I’m now addicted. Just this month alone, I’ve been able to make up for the years and years I went with out seeing a movie on the big screen. Okay so here’s the list…

1.) Bridesmaids— HILARIOUS. I’m making Ethan see this movie just for the fact that I make so many scene remarks & references and I’m tired of him not understanding my jokes! Weeks later I’m still thinking of certain scenes and laughing. Ridiculously good… get a group of gals together and GO SEE IT.

2.) Just go with it– Red box= best invention EVER. Another HYSTERICAL movie. It could also be for the fact that I’m slightly obsessed with Jennifer Aniston annnnndddd Adam Sandler. Of course the movie is pretty morally backwards, but still loved it, and love the ending.

3.) The Hangover part 2– Seriously what an awful movie. Now, I’m not usually the type of girl who gets offended by rude & crude movies, but this seriously was over the top. Ethan and I almost left halfway thru the movie. The next day after seeing this ridiculously bad movie, I was reading Donald Miller’s blog. He even wrote a blog dedicated to how bad this movie was!  I really need to look into why I can’t link things from my work computer, but check out his blog if you’d like… http://donmilleris.com/2011/05/30/the-hangover/

And speaking of Donald Miller and movies… The book, Blue like Jazz is being made into a film. The Trailer is out and I really, really, REALLY want to see this movie… in a bad way! The book was absolutely one of my favs!

4.) Jumping the Broom– Another GREAT movie. I went to see this with my soon to be mother-in-law, and Ethan’s cousin, Shanna. I don’t know what we were laughing at more; the movie, or the row of black folk sitting in front of us, making their own hysterical commentary during the whole movie. “Oh no he didn’t… giiiiirrrrrrrllllllll.”

5.) Blue Valentine– Depresssssinnnnngggggggggggg! I highly do not recommend anyone going to see this movie, unless they are looking forward to a depression for the next week or so.

6.) Water For Elephants– EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Cried two, or three times. enough said.

7.) County Strong– Oh my word, Gweneth Paltrow did such an amazing job in this movie. Of course, I cried during this one too. I just thought it had such an amazing message about how you can have all the power, or fame in the world, but if don’t have love, you really don’t have anything. It made me thank Jesus for the life he’s given me. So many times we get stuck in our financial burdens, focusing on what we don’t have. When in reality, Jesus is giving us such a gift of not getting tangled up in the mess of money. There are very few people out their who have millions of dollars and are following God’s plan. God truly knows what we can handle and what we cannot. What we would use for his Glory and what we would not. Yet, he still gives us exactly what we need to live our lives, often times in an overabundance. He gives and takes away just the right amount so we continue to fix our eyes on him, and not on the world. Sometimes it’s so hard to look at a lack of finances as a blessing, but it really is such an amazing gift from God. There are so many things that are seemingly important to us that he needs to remove from our lives so we keep our eyes fixed on above. God is so good!

Of course along with these movies came a ridiculous amount of candy, popcorn and diet coke consumed. Maybe for this next month before my wedding I should focus on the gym and not the movies!