I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears — Psalm 34:4

Worry has always seemed to be a constant in my life, followed by high anxiety. And when I say worry, I mean worry— every little detail, every little thought, every little everything was thought about to the extreme. Just think of an over-analyzer and bring that to the 10th level, times 10… that’s (was) me.

 Matthew 6:34– Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

To be honest, in the past I’d read this scripture and it would go in one ear, and out the other. Thinking, “Okay God… yeah, yeah, yeah I get it, you don’t want me to worry. You want me to just trust you. Ha, easier said than done.” The fact of the matter is, most people don’t think of worry as a sin. They don’t see worry as having just as much of an impact, if not more on our lives as any other sin. And the one thing I’ve learned is that worry squashes the words that the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to us, worry limits God, and worry is certainly selfish. So many times we forget that God’s Spirit is there to free us from the natural reasoning that leaves us confused.

In my own walk I’ve found that my times of worry are when prayer is put on the back-burner, and my own flesh rises above.  However, having peace of mind requires persistent prayer. I can think of so many instances where I’m overwhelmed with life, and jump to these worldly thoughts that limits God. All because of my ceased prayer-life. In fact, I’ve learned that worry causes us to have one foot in the world, and one foot with God.

A great example of worrisome causing me to limit God is with Ethan and I’s future. Over the past few months we’ve been putting a huge focus in discussing our future. Where we see our marriage in 5 years, where we feel like God is leading us, and how we want to get to that point. Both of us see ourselves in the same place… however, we both had completely different mindsets on how to get to that place. The bottom line was, we were spending a heck of a lot of time discussing, rather than praying. Which, ultimately led me to worry and both of us to have completely different stances on how to achieve our goals. My worrying blocked critical information that God was trying to tell me, and I began to limit God to the worlds little box of  “success.”

It wasn’t until we finally started praying that God really eased some of our concerns. For me, when I worry I catch myself solving issues by the world’s standards–  I still catch myself saying, okay I want to be here in 5 years, how am I going to get there? I’ll get so excited, throw out prayer, and skip to how the world does it. Most of the time it’s with education and the credentials behind the name. But God does not always call us to do things as the world does them. Success in the World, is not success as a Christian. And what is not possible in the world, is possible as a Christian.

When we go to the world, before we go to God we will ALWAYS stand in a place of worry. We will always question if what we are doing is right, and we will ALWAYS end up confused, panicked and filled with high anxiety. So if today you are filled with anxiety & worry, check your prayer life. And ask God, why you are feeling this way… because he will be glad to reveal it to you.

Obedience to the word of God, is necessary for experiencing the peace of God. PRAY ABOUT IT!

(but, ugh that is so annoying to hear sometimes!! ;-)