Oh my word, I am seriously slacking on this whole blog thing lately! It’s crazy to think I use to post around 3 per week and now… well, I’m lucky to post 2 a month! What have I been doing? That’s obvious, wedding stuff up the wazooo. I feel like my days are spent walking around with my stomach in my throat and with this one-track mind… WEDDING!!! Soooo I guess I did become the one thing I said I wasn’t going to be when we first got engaged– wedding obsessed. BUT, we are pretty much down to the last two months and because of my procrastinator personality we have SO MUCH TO DO. I’m also a pretty anal, know- what- I-want, detail oriented bride… I have this vision (and budget) and I feel like it’s not going to come all together.

Anywho, aside from the whole wedding-planning stress (which really is so miniscule in the grand-scheme of life) God has faithfully put me in this season of blessing. I feel like the past 2 years of my Christian walk was pretty crazy. Full of up’s and down’s, some suffering here and there… you know all that fun-stuff that the bible promises will happen to us, yet when it does we are in TOTAL AND COMPLETE SHOCK, wondering why God would do such a thing to us. And now, it’s the complete opposite for me. I live a pretty blessed life; have the man of my dreams, great friends, wonderful family, stability & for the first time in my life, contentment.

One trend I’ve been noticing in the Christian community (and definitely from myself) is the Suffering Christian Syndrome. I feel like for some weird reason we love our SCS. And often times it’s almost like we don’t even know what to do with ourselves if we aren’t suffering, worrying, or focusing on something. We don’t know how to live a simple life just doing the one and only thing Jesus really wanted us to do; love each other. Instead most of the time we spend our days sabotaging ourselves and the joy God wants us to experience from the blessings he’s given us. And after we’re done sabotaging our own blessings in life, we like to follow this up by playing the enemy blame-game. I just feel like I need to say, in the bible it doesn’t state that as Christians we are going to suffer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If there’s a trend in your life, a situation, problem,  an attitude issue, ect.– Something that keeps reoccurring… well, then it’s time to take a look into the issue, recognize that often times it’s those fleshly desires that hold us back, and stop playing the blame-game on the enemy. We are the one’s giving the enemy way more power, and authority in our lives than he really even has.

I say all of this because lately I’ve been feeling this distance from God in my own life. Not a distance where I’m questioning him being there, or even really feeling empty, but just a little pull-back. I’ve had no real desire, or even thoughts on blogging… which is totally abnormal for me. I haven’t been in the mood to listen to worship music, and when I do I’m just not really connecting with it… and I’ve pulled back from reading books, and even the bible a little bit. To be honest I’ve been feeling like for the first time as a Christian my walk with God has been becoming a little mundane, retracted, and boring. For about a minute I chose to do the typical Christian freak-out. OH MY WORD, GOD WHERE ARE YOU? WHY AREN’T YOU NEAR ME, and then fall on my knees at Church and cry. Then, I took a step-back, reevaluated my situation and realized I was playing the SCS card, trying to sabotage my own blessings and joy.

Yes, there are many times in our lives where we suffer and God is bringing us through hard stuff. But, I also believe so many times as Christians we make our situations into something way bigger than it really is. We read too much into something, someone, or our own thoughts. Then, we run with it and act like we are going through this huge, big, emotional issue. All I can say is that I urge each person to take a step back before you do the typical Christian freak-out session. Ask God and ask yourself, is this really a big deal? Does this really constitute something that’s worth my energy… and is this really the enemy, or could it be that I’m struggling with a completely NORMAL, fleshly, human desire… and that maybe, JUST maybe, it will be okay. Because most the time, I’m sorry to say this but it really is a completely avoidable, made-up thing in our own selfish heads. Once again peeps, time to take the paper-bags off of our heads… wake-up and allow ourselves to experience the blessings God gives us everyday in THIS life. And I promise, if we all spend just as much time looking for the blessings, as we spend seeking the problems in our life… we will probably find that the blessings do outweigh the problems.

God really is as good as he says he is, and he really does love us as much as he says he does… and he really, really is routing for our success as  Christians.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?– Romans 8:31