Psalm 119: 105-112

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.
I have taken an oath and confirmed it,
that I will follow your righteous laws.
I have suffered much;
preserve my life, LORD, according to your word.
Accept, LORD, the willing praise of my mouth,
and teach me your laws.
Though I constantly take my life in my hands,
I will not forget your law.
The wicked have set a snare for me,
but I have not strayed from your precepts.
Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart.
My heart is set on keeping your decrees
to the very end.

I had to cancel my facebook account for real today. For those who know me well, this is actually something that was very difficult for me. For a few reasons; a. I like to be in the loop. I struggle from the younger sister syndrome where I hate to feel left out. So, facebook gives me that false satisfaction that I am actually involved in 899 “friends” lives… b.) facebook was making me not a nice person and c.) it was certainly distracting from a REAL relationship with my heavenly father. Not one where I would read a status update or some Christianese language to get my “God-fix” for the day.

I am in no way saying that facebook is bad and I think it can be an amazing tool for God’s Kingdom. However, for me at this moment in my life, it’s super distracting and an unhealthy obsession. This is such a prime example of knowing when things are from God vs. trying to do something on your own will, out of accordance to asking God for his help. It’s like fasting for me. I cannot just say okay, I’m fasting today! I will last about 2.2 hours and then I’ll  eat. But when God says Chrissy, you need to fast, I can go for days. The same goes for my facebook account. I’ve meddled in deactivating my account before… it clearly didn’t work out too well for me. But, last night I clearly heard God say Chrissy, you need to give up facebook and follow me for awhile- not the lives of your facebook friends. Wouldn’t ya know, I experienced nothing but freedom from deactivation.

God has really been showing me the importance of removing temptation in our lives. When I first became a Christian, I knew I could not stay in Maine. I knew I would revert back to my old life, end up doing the same stuff day-in and day-out. So, I moved. I’m not saying that God calls each person to quit school, quit their job and move across country. That’s what God told me to do and I knew in my heart I had to remove those old temptations from my life. God was so faithful through my decision and blessed me immensely for trusting Him during a time of uncertainty. I believe he feels the same way towards a huge decision like moving to remove sin & temptation in our lives, to removing the “small” temptations… as simple as deleting a facebook account. Each temptation creates a door for the enemy to walk through. Many times all we have to do is slam that door shut to squash the enemy. However, for some reason we not only leave doors unlocked, we leave them wide open. Then we seem to get frustrated with God when something goes wrong. I knew I had to remove the temptation from judgmental thoughts on others lives, envy, annoyance and frustrations. It’s not the thought that it is the sin, it is the action… and for me the action was typing in that password to my account.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking God, “What heart attitudes have I been carrying around that I need to redirect?” and then, PAUSING, listening & ALLOWING the Holy Spirit to intervene in our natural, fleshly tendencies of wanting to be right. As I was praying through attitudinal sin I had been experiencing, The Lord immediately gave me a verse in Psalm 119: 105… Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Whose light have you been following- Whose words have you been listening to? God wants us to fully submit to Him; to his path, his light and his ways. It’s not about who can post more statuses that sound “Christian.” God wants full obedience. He is a kind, loving, merciful God, BUT his kindness should ultimately lead us to repentance and obedience… not Christianese language.

Romans 2:4

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?