I really love this picture. and this man.

I found this picture from our small group (well not so small anymore) It was taken back around Christmastime, but this is probably hands down my favorite picture of Ethan. It captures such an intimate moment with Jesus. I love it.

I could go on and on about this man. Ethan really has the most caring, compassionate heart and I feel like it’s written all over him in this photo. It’s crazy how God can fill you with so much, love, respect and admiration towards another person. Each day that passes and the more I get to know the person that God created him to be, I fall deeper. The crazy thing is that our relationship started because we both happened to notice each other through worship at Church. I happened to noticed him worshiping one Sunday and saw the love that he had for Jesus. I never thought anything of it in terms of dating, but each time I saw him I just couldn’t help but see Jesus in him. Then, I came to find out later on that it was the same thing for him. He immediately saw this crazy love that I had for Jesus through my worship. I love how God works. This has actually helped me so much throughout our relationship and short engagement. Relationships have always been an extremely scary thing for me. But the cool thing about our relationship is that from the very beginning our attraction for each other was solely based on God. Knowing that God was the one who brought us together and for a very specific reason has built this automatic trust in Him that can only be found through God.

Ethan leads youth group at the Church and he was telling me how one of the high school kids were joking around with him about the good ol’ ball and chain. The kid was telling him how he was going to be “tied-down” for the rest of his life. Ethan turned to the high school kid and said no, “I’m going to be blessed for the rest of my life.” So many times marriage is thought of in this negative context. The purpose of marriage is not to glorify ourselves, or to make us feel comforted every day of our lives. Marriage glorifies God and he uses marriage to make a person become more Christ-like. He uses the other person to stretch us in ways that probably are not so comfortable, he uses the other person to make us look deep within ourselves at areas that we probably don’t like so much and he uses marriage to stand against the enemy. God is giving me this comfort and excitement to the amazing experience & journey that marriage will be when you are focused on his kingdom.

Please ignore all the cheesy pictures… but I love, love, love this song.