I’m kind of an emotional mess (in a very good, good way) this morning. There are a few things on my plate right now, that I cannot just get enough of… like for instance, the avocado turkey burger at Ruby Tuesday’s. It’s quite tasty, so go get yourself one of those this afternoon!

But seriously, aside from food I just really love this season of my life. Yes, it’s a little sucky that my father is being a controlling a**h*l**e about the wedding. I can’t lie it does majorly suck at times and it brings up those same rejection issues I dealt with throughout my childhood. However, it really is cool how God is using this situation to teach me how to show love through the times I would love to lash out. I mean, I really can think up a few choice words and quickly type them into an email for him to read. But then I think of that stupid “What would Jesus do?” slogan. Gosh, that is really annoying sometimes and whoever thought up that slogan must have got a direct word from God to market that baby… cause it is GOOD.

Anywho, aside from my absentee father issues, for the first time the Lord really has brought people into my life, where I have to make a conscious decision to love them. It’s really weird for me to say that, because typically I am the type of person that is pretty oblivious and in my own little world. I tend to want the approval of others so in the past I’ve really tried to keep quiet and out of the way. But right now, God is taking me through a season of preparation and I know it’s crucial that I can show love and support through the irritation. Although the learning process is a wee bit frustrating for me, it’s actually a really awesome experience that has opened my eyes in a new way to how badly we all need Jesus.  Each day I feel like God is giving me this major attitude adjustment. It’s actually kind of weird to me, because I feel like God is entrusting me with these words of wisdom and he’s allowing me to see things in a big picture kind of way. The area I really struggle with is how to voice these thoughts in a loving, caring manor. I think I have the tendency to want to dismiss or ignore information, because it’s so much easier for me not to have a voice in certain situations. I like my little bubble and I like laying low.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe God always calls us to stay in our comfort zone and I don’t think he calls us to live in complacency & ignorant bliss.  For someone to say that they do not struggle is kind of like the obvious lie I used to tell my boyfriend in high-school; I don’t poop. Well, guess what it’s out in the open… I poop. And YOU struggle. One thing I’ve had to learn is that looking at life through those rose tinted glasses in not always the solution. I know that’s a really weird comment to make, because positivity and optimism is often seen as a very good quality. But what about the Old Testament? The OT certainly did not contain stories filled with rainbows and warm fuzzy feelings. The OT is filled with God warning his people to repent and turn from their wicked ways. And although we are under the new covenant and covered by the blood of Jesus, that does not mean we should let His Grace abound and ignore, lovingly (key word- LOVINGLY) speaking into the lives of  our brothers and sisters in Christ.

This has actually been an issue that God has continuously been putting on my heart. I’ve been praying through it, thinking that I was being this negative Nancy and asked God to change me. However, I believe there is this fine line between negativity & judgment and actually speaking into each others lives. The only way to truly grow in Christ is by allowing people to speak into your life. This is not a bad thing and this is not something that Christians should be scared to do. He calls us to live in community and to NOT judge, but lovingly guide, support and reach out to each other so we can be firm in Christ.

I remember my last month living in Charleston and how I really reverted back to my old lifestyle. I was in the process of moving from away from my Christian community and moving back to Maine, where I did not know one Christian. I really do praise the Lord that I had my cousin Sarah and her husband to speak into my life. Although, I didn’t directly and immediately change my ways, their words really stuck in my head. I knew what they were speaking to me was truth and God really used them to help be get back on the right path.

Discipleship takes time, it takes energy, it takes consistency and sometimes it takes taking off those rose tinted glasses. It’s okay to step-up, have a voice and speak TRUTH into the lives of others.