I know I put the link up to this website yesterday on my facebook page, but seriously I am in love with the Style Me Pretty website. (the link is under my design, fashion and photography blogs that I follow) I was getting so stressed over this whole planning a wedding thing, because I HATED the look of all the standard-looking reception places. Totally not my style. Ethan and I were lucky enough to have my favorite photographer, Juliet Elizabeth do our wedding & engagement photo’s… her style is exactly the look I wanted for our wedding. I’m seriously getting all giddy now over planning! Yesterday we went shopping and got a bunch of CA-UTE stuff! One of my favorites of course being a cupcake stand… ever since I saw the most adorable dessert bar on the website, I’ve been obsessed with cupcake stands! Ethan and I also started pre-marital counseling yesterday! (I don’t know if I’m suppose to have an exclamation point after that, but it’s fun to me!!!) This is all becoming so real to me… WE’RE GETTING MARRIED. Crazy. It’s so weird to me because of course I always thought I’d get married, but finding the person that God intended you to be with, is like 6,000,000,000,000 times better than what I’d ever expected. I  really feel like the luckiest girl alive that I’m going to be Mrs. Bennett… I’m so blessed.

I mean look how handsome he is :) Words can’t even explain the joy he brings me. As corny as this sounds, he really does just fill my heart so full. He’s an amazing man and my love grew even deeper after hearing him speak during our 1st pre-marital counseling session. I love you Ethan! I can’t wait for July 29, 2011 :)