Oh my word do I love me some Donald Miller. I read his most recent blog post this morning and it brought so much clarity to me. I don’t know if it’s because often times I’m so honest and blunt in my struggles, but it really bothers me when Christians give off this “good church girl” or the “I’m so perfect” vibe. I have to admit this can be an area that I really struggle in teetering on the edge of self-righteous. I’m honestly not meaning to at all, but there’s something about the holier-than-thou tude or perfect little church girl that just irks me.

I was trying to process all the reasons why people like this get under my skin and I came to the conclusion that it bothers me so much because that was once me. Before I was a Christian I didn’t overly pursue other men or throw myself at them. But I definitely teased and toyed with them a bit. I would totally throw out this “good-girl” image. I would reel them in, pretended like I was this good Christian girl, but oh my word I definitely did not walk the walk. At that time in my life I really had NO idea what a relationship with God looked like. It really just hurts my heart more than anything when I see a girl completely throw herself at a man, play the good church girl card and but not even have any sort of inkling what it really means to be a godly woman or walk with Christ. This hurts my heart so much simply for the fact that I know how much she is really hurting inside- and I know how much this type of girl probably really does desire a intimate relationship with God. My possible self-righteous tude is actually my motherly instincts kicking in. For some reason I think it’s my job to save them from the self-destruction and years of backtracking they may or may not have to go through. In my head I know that is Jesus’ job, but my heart speaks to me differently on this issue.

So when I read Miller’s blog about people faking holiness it really spoke to me in a bit of a different way than he had intended. He states 5 reasons why faking holiness leads to destruction;

1. We teach people the false truth that they must be holy and perfect in order to be accepted by God. We teach them this with our emphasis on our holiness rather than Christ’s holiness.

2. We teach people we do not believe the grace of God is strong enough to cover us.

3. We make God look less holy in reference to our supposed holiness.

4. We make God intimidating.

5. The intuitive smell out we are fakes and want nothing to do with the church.

Donald Miller wasn’t saying that bragging about unholiness is the way to go by any means. But when we can put our struggles on the table, admit what we need to improve upon, that we are not perfect little church people, ultimately I really think it does bear more light to our Savior and his Grace. And once we can admit this, we can get real with God and allow him to change us from the inside out. People don’t like hypocrites- often times it’s not Jesus that repulses people, it’s the Christian. No one wants to follow a hypocrite and although Christians may realize that we are all human, no one is perfect and we all sin… many people in the world cannot tie two and two together. Soooo in saying all of that, I think we should all just get real here :)

Have a great weekend!