Well, I guess I need to do a little backtracking here! Yesterday, I was approached and talked to about how my blog was offensive. Secretly, I have to be honest here and can’t lie… it kind of made me smile. This was the first time in my life that anyone’s even remotely said I was offensive. What better way to be offensive than for sharing what I believe… for Jesus. It actually kind of reminded me of the mission trip I went on in NYC. There was a girl named Wesley that was telling me, the best day of her life was when she got spit on for sharing Jesus. This may seem weird to y’all, but I hope someday I get a big, honkin’ loogie spit right in my eye for sharing the Gospel. It would seriously just make my day…

Anywho, I’m not necessarily going to apologize for anything that I’ve written. This is technically my blog and if anyone has an issue with my words or thoughts I really think you should start your own blog and share your thoughts! I would love to read it! But I will say this… if you read my “I don’t even know what to title this blog because I’m so annoyed” You can be rest assured that I in NO WAY was implying that self-help books are from the devil. Trust me, I’ve read a self-help book a time or two in my day. Sometimes they can be great tools to improve your life. I don’t think all self-help books are made to just coax your ego and blow bubbles up peoples butts. It was just a general statement implying that I really think the bible & God are the only way to truly change you from the inside out. I don’t think change can come from just us alone, we need a supernatural help. As humans WE ALL naturally have our own agendas and we all have the same tendencies to put ourselves before anyone else- we live in a man-eat-man world.  If you read into my title of the blog and not that comment, you probably could get the idea that I was annoyed. So I promise y’all it was not a dag towards anyone who doesn’t share my faith… they are my beliefs, my thoughts and my viewpoint. And I totally 100% still love you if you don’t share the same thoughts.

God made us all to have free-will, different minds, different thoughts. I certainly don’t think everyone will just read what I write and automatically agree with me! I write what I feel like God has put on my heart. Sometimes people agree, sometimes people don’t, sometimes it’s even convicting for me as I’m writing it. But the one thing I will not do is blow bubbles up peoples butt in fear that someone won’t like me for what I write. Millions of people can use offensive language, make racist comments, say vulgar words as girls walk by… so I believe I ‘m allowed to share my thoughts too.

I also just want to say I really do appreciate the feedback on what I write. I never quite realized how much my words affected people. I started my blog about a year ago and didn’t even think people read it… it was just for me and a few friends. Now, random people are sending me messages and coming up to me expressing how it’s affected them. I really feel like I’m doing God’s work and if one persons life it changed by something God has put on my heart, but 20 people are offended. It would so be worth it to me! BUT, I guess I do want to make some sort of apology if I do happen to offend anyone, because I truly do not mean to. I really, really, really do care for people, love them and want everyone to experience the same Joy that God has brought me. That is the ONLY reason I write. God has changed me as a person, he has changed my life. It’s not about legalism, righteousness, or getting everyone to believe that God exists. It’s because I know what it’s like to live both lives and I could never. ever. ever go back to my life before. Jesus is just that amazing.