Holy moly I don’t even know where to begin! The past few days have been absolutely insane. I guess I can start off by saying I feel like the luckiest girl alive, with the MOST AMAZING FIANCE. I was driving to work this morning and had a break down. I tend to be an emotional person anyways and get choked up over the smallest of things, like the show intervention. I really can’t get through an entire episode without shedding a few tears. But this was different. I literally just started bawling and thanking God for his faithfulness. I feel like “faithfulness” has been my go-to word & slogan of my life, especially lately. The deeper I go in my relationship with God, the more he reveals to me. Part of what he’s revealing are the true desires of my heart. And then, the more I understand those desires, the more I see him fulfilling them. He is so faithful, he is so good and he certainly holds true to his promises.

Before I go into bragging about my soon-to-be hubby, I’ll let y’all in on a cool little story. Back in my wee years when I was 18, I worked for the makeup line Prescriptives which was in the store Filene’s. I definitely did not know the Lord at that time and was living with my boyfriend. Right across from my counter was Channel and also a sweet little lady named Shanna. Shanna was dating a man named Chad, who is now her hubby and I just remember always having so much respect and admiration towards their relationship. We never had a deep theological conversation about God or anything, but looking back on the situation I just saw Jesus in them. I respected that they were waiting till marriage to live together, to have sex and just how stinking good they treated each other. Truthfully I had never seen a relationship like that. Anywho, I ended up quiting my job, went on with my life, moved a bunch of places and eventually ended up finding the Lord. I just need to say this story is why as Christians, ACTIONS are so much more important than words. Shanna and Chad planted a seed in my heart about Jesus and never knew it.

After finding the Lord, I spent some time living in Charleston. My time in Charleston was a season of growth and learning what a relationship with Jesus looked like. Eventually, I really felt like God was calling me back to Maine. Once I moved back I tried a few Churches, but felt like I couldn’t connect with any of them. One day as I was cleaning my room, I knocked over a stack of books. In one of the books a piece of paper fell out with the worship times & address of The Vineyard. The following Sunday I went to check it out. I walked in and the first person I saw was, long lost Shanna on stage singing! During the break an amazing lady, named Robin came over to introduce herself and told me about a young adults group within the Church. We talked for a little bit and I asked her if the girl on stage singing was Shanna. She went on to tell me that was her niece and brought me over to say hello. I wanted to tell tell Shanna that both her and Chad had planted a seed. She never even knew that their actions, had such an impact on my life. I was so overcome by the Holy Spirit that day and knew this was the exact place God wanted me to be. Well, to make a long story short… Shanna was Robin’s niece and Robin is Ethan’s mom. Which makes Shanna his cousin! How cool is that and how cool is God?! After all those days working with Shanna, I never once thought her cousin would be my husband.

Anywho, on to our engagement story! Everyone keeps asking for details on how he proposed. So here’s a short version! Saturday night we went down to my dad’s house. I knew Ethan was planning on asking for permission to marry me, but I never expected a proposal. In fact, I opened the gym that morning and didn’t even have time to shower… I definitely would have picked out a cute outfit and taken a shower had I known! He told me after the visit we should have a Starbucks date. Starbucks was the first place we met up to talk and since then we’ve always had little Starbucks dates… it’s our place. I thought he wanted to go there just to process the whole conversation with my dad… But apparently I was wrong! At one point Ethan got up and went to the bathroom, so I checked my phone. Rachel Roberts sent me a text message saying, are you engaged yet, knowing that we went to my dad’s. I sent her a message back saying, “lol no I don’t think it will be for a bit he’s saving!” Ethan came back from the bathroom and I was laughing about the text message explaining to him what Rachel wrote to me and how I responded back. He just smiled and said, well on that note I have a question to ask you. He got down on one knee, opened a ring box and then honestly I don’t even remember what he said after that. I started laughing hysterically (which if you know me that’s no shocker) I only remember him saying, from the minute I met you I knew you were the one… and then from there I couldn’t tell you what he said next! In my head I just couldn’t believe it was happening. Eventually I pulled myself together, stopped giggling and said “YES!”

Never in my life have I met a man like Ethan. The meaning of his name his describes him perfectly, strong and steadfast. He’s such an amazing leader, decision maker and his heart is full of compassion & kindness towards everyone that crosses his path. He blows me away just from the way he speaks to his mom, to his friends and the way he let’s me be me. I know this whole blog sounds so corny, so just bare with me through all of it! But from a young age God gave me this image and this picture in my head of the person I was going to marry. Before I even knew the Lord or recognized his voice, I just had this image in my head of this man and what my marriage would look like. It’s crazy because immediately after meeting Ethan, I knew God had made this man for me- that he was going to be my husband and this is who God wanted me to wait for. Nothing was forced, we just fit perfectly together and since dating him, I’ve been hearing & experiencing God more than I ever have.

Sorry y’all, I feel like I should have had a little disclaimer at the beginning of this blog on how mushy gooshy it was going to be! I just want to tell everyone out there, it is so worth patiently waiting for the person that was truly made for you because it’s honestly the most amazing experience. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN WHAT GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU. Gosh, I just look at Ethan and my heart feels like it’s screaming with joy. It’s an emotion that I can’t even describe.

We set a date for July 29th, 2011 and I’m so excited for this next season in our lives. I know we will be an amazing couple, setting our sights on glorifying God, serving in every way possible for his Kingdom and keeping Jesus at the center of our marriage. There’s a line in one of Dave Barne’s songs that says, “There will be prayers that we never thought we’d pray.” I’m so excited to start my life with Ethan, pray these prayers together, go through the up’s and down’s of marriage, raise a family and be a wife! Now, it’s time to plan a wedding!