Gosh, how easy is it to get trapped in a season thinking, “This is it, this is my life.” We forget that a season can be a month, 6 months, even a year. But that’s just what a season is… only a period of time. Sometimes we will struggle in a long season, working through things- working towards freedom. But that does not mean it’s going to last forever. This is what the enemy would like us to think- that we will be forever stuck in habits, thoughts & actions. Freedom takes TIME. So often we get caught up in the little picture. We forget to step back, clear our thoughts and then think and see the BIG picture.

In saying that here are a few things I’m McLovin’ right now:

1.) Going through my journal and reading about my OLD worries. Even the journal entries from just a month ago make me laugh. How easy is it for us to get so wrapped up in today’s problem. We get clouded and confused, put all this time & energy into today’s worry, only to forget about it in a week. Part of the reason why I LOVE reading the Old Testament is that is allows me to have a “big picture” state of mind. It shows God’s continued faithfulness that he demonstrates to His people. The more we showed disobedience, the more he proved his faithfulness & love. I’m not saying that any of my life events come close to some of the stories in the OT. I mean, Job’s life vs. Christine’s life… yeahhh he definitely puts me to shame in the longest “rough season” competition!  But reading through my journal certainly does demonstrate God’s faithfulness in my life. Thank you Jesus. Each and everyday I stand in awe of your love & faithfulness to me.

2.) Renouncing the enemy OUT-LOUD. One thing I love about Ethan is that whenever a problem arises, he’s so good at saying out-loud, “In Jesus’ name, we break off what is not true.” He doesn’t wallow in a negative thought, he just immediately rebukes anything that is not of God. Satan cannot read our minds, he needs to be verbally pushed away. We have the authority to do so in Christ. God did not create us to meekly endure and accept hardships & to let the enemy walk all over us. He gave us a voice, let it be heard. We need to stand up for ourselves, renounce these lies and cast our fears onto the Lord. Part of casting those fears onto him is trusting that He will demonstrate his faithfulness. And he will.

3.) In the midst of all these Jesus thoughts, I just have to throw in how much I love Trader Joes. Especially this sparkling white wine. And at $3.99 a bottle how can you resist…

It’s also -1 degree’s here in Maine right now. Summer, please come soon. Me + you + the bike below + the sparkling white wine in the basket, from the bike below + a sundress + my boyfriend, desperately need a date. And soon. Sincerely, Chrissy.

4.) Recognizing ALL the parts of the Trinity. Father (God), the son (Jesus) and the HOLY SPIRIT. I was talking with a friend after Church yesterday, discussing how often the Holy Spirit just gets dismissed. The Holy Spirit gets cut out of discussions & sermons. And many times the Church just pushes any sort of “feeling” the presence of God to the side, in fear of “freaking” people out. In fact, until moving back to Maine I don’t think I even quite realized the significance and importance of the Holy Spirit. Last night I was watching Furious Love (SERIOUSLY, Y’all a MUST see!!) I’ll post the trailer below. But in this documentary it was discussing how here in America we are so blind to what is actually going on around the world. We are blind to the spiritual realm of things; demonized people are out there, just as people who are healed of this are out there. Our culture has been set up to push what we think is not normal, or what scares us aside. The Church dismisses the Holy Spirit in fear of scaring people away and this is how being a Christian is turned in a Religion, rather than a relationship. If we fail to recognize one domain in the Trinity, we are ripping ourselves off.

5.) And lastly, I love that I’m finally living my life listening & acting by the Holy Spirit. Recognizing that those intuitions I get are from God, recognizing those voices I hear in my head is God’s voice & recognizing that those pictures that randomly fill my mind are from God… all of this is for a reason, not to be dismissed. We all are capable of feeling, seeing and hearing from God.

I love that I’m learning to finally live my life, not by the standards that the world sets, but the standards that God has set. And I LOVE the freedom that comes from this. I promise y’all this, whatever you are facing. Whatever struggle you are enduring, there is FREEDOM from it. Even if you are not a believer, yet you just feel this gentle tug on your heart by reading this. It will not go away, God will not stop pursuing you. And I promise you, the freedom & unconditional love you will experience from Christ is not even imaginable.