Personally, I don’t think Ben Harper is considered to be “hippie” music. I know it doesn’t really matter, but two people have told me that this past week & I really must beg to differ.  I’ve never heard him play at the Daily Dose on James Island, and I’m pretty sure this place would be rocking his music if this were to be true. Anywho, regardless of your Ben Harper beliefs, I just can’t get enough of him right now. And on another side note, I’m really sad that the Daily Dose was closed during my visit to SC. I feel so privileged that Sarah shared this little secret spot with me. She won’t even let her hubby in on this place… but the food and atmosphere is amazing here. It’s such an awesome little diverse spot, where they hold the most random events, like Tribal dance-offs. This is actually quite amazing to watch if you haven’t seen it before.

But back to the important stuff; Ben Harper…my little love-bug. I’ve actually even put together a list of qualities my future husband needs to have based off him:  a.) you must have a fro b.) tattoo’s, yes please c.) you must own at least one 70’s-style polyester flower suit.

Obviously, I’m kidding. But hey, if it happens to work out this way, I can’t say I’d complain.

Other than Ben Harper, I’ve got to share a few more things I’m lovin’ right now:

a.) TOMS, I’m in love with them. These are also great, because with every pair you purchase TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. They have a “one for one deal.” I slipped Sarahs on and seriously guys, foot heaven… so comfy. How cute are these…

or these…

b.) I’ve been saying this forever and ever & I really just need to do this already. I want just a tiny little guy in my nose. Nothing big, hooped or crazy, but I figured… what better way to draw more attention to a nose that flares when you laugh, by adding a shiny stud in there. Perfect.

c.) etsy. love it. I’m obsessed with online window shopping on this website. I found this graphic artwork by, LuckyBluebirdArt. Check out her other designs, so cute!

d.) Stationary. I’m trying to bring back good old-fashioned snail mail. I love receiving letters in the mail- it’s one of those simple little pleasures. So people, I need addresses! :) Love these little note cards…

e.) I love that I can write blogs, workout, do homework, read & facebook, all while at work. I’m a little spoiled- I love my job & the people I work with! I hope everyone has a great day… excited to be back in Maine! :)