I just love how God always gives us that encouragement right when we need it. I felt like I was on this “high” with my faith when I first moved back to Maine, but of course once stress and life get in the way, it can make you feel bogged-down and overwhelmed. Then, Satan has this way of creeping in right at those moments. Don’t you just love how he tries to validate and encourage all those false, negative, discouraging thoughts in your head? Thankfully, God knows when to step-in. He knows when to give us that little bit of encouragement to keep us going, but not too much so we feel like we don’t need to depend on him. It’s in those moments that I really see clearly and those are the moments where my heart literally aches just to be able to serve people the way Jesus did.

I was so thankful to be able to help out with Palmetto Medical Initiative this weekend and support the great things they are doing over in Uganda, Africa. PMI teamed up with NEEDTOBREATHE to raise support for medical missions so we helped sell Posters.  I don’t think I’ve really ever said this to anyone, but honestly I feel so blessed to have known the amazing people behind this organization, even if for just a short period of time. Being able to be around these people in Charleston was really inspiring and showed me how God really does give us the desires in our hearts for a reason.  Their story just shows that if you choose to use those desires to glorify God, you really can do anything and go anywhere. No dream is too small for God.  Sometimes I feel like I am bigger than God and if it doesn’t seem logical to me, then I can’t do it. But life is not logical, it does not make sense and I am not bigger than God.

Here’s a picture of the booth set-up at the show… you really should check out this non-profit organization at, palmettomedical.org

Okay- in saying all that… people should never, ever go along with one of my random idea’s. Or give me the slightest bit of encouragement. Unless someone slaps me across the face and tells me it’s a bad idea, I’m likely to think they are all great. My friend Mike came with me to help out at the NEEDTOBREATHE show. We are both HUGE fans of the band and I had this brillant idea to take a road trip that night to Philadelphia to see the show the next night. Mike is a Physical Therapy student at UNE and is doing his rotation on the Neuro unit at Maine Med. We figured out we could have him back by Monday morning just in time to walk into the hospital. Bad idea? Probably. We left from Boston that night anyways. Mike is probably one of the nicest, most encouraging people I’ve ever met. I’m truly so lucky to have him as a friend and spending 7 hours in the car with him was exactly what I needed.

I really don’t know if it’s because I moved around so much as a kid, but I’m really in need of constant change in my life. It’s so weird because most people are scared of it, but for me I thrive off of it. It honestly scares me to think I might live this mundane life as a teacher. To do the same things everyday, live in a small town, have 2.2 kids, a dog and a cat. I need adventure, spontaneity, I need to be able to stop what I’m doing at the drop of a hat and just LIVE LIFE. Yet at the same time I do desire to be a mother, a nurturer, to cook, yes even clean and live that simple life. Maybe somehow I’ll be able to have both.

Anywho, walking down the streets of Philadelphia we saw this Preacher with a megaphone preaching to the homeless. All the homeless people were just gathered around this man intently listening to every detail of he had to say. Seeing this just makes me want to do more- to give more of myself. I seriously could not get enough of the city. Everywhere I looked I saw Jesus and his ministry.  God, it was seriously amazing.

On the drive back Mike was talking to me about quite a few of his friends and the ministries they started in New York City & other various places. I’ll be in New York city in December and again in January helping out with two different ministries. One ministry travels around week to week, up and down the coast… sleeping on blowup mattresses sharing Jesus at schools. How freaking amazing?

This weekend truly just made me appreciate every type of person. Some people are made to sit in one place, to make a life in that one town. While, God made others to be restless. He needs people who can jump from city to city down the coast, sharing the Gospel. For so long I thought something was wrong with me and that it was a contentment issue. My issue is not finding contentment in Jesus. My issue is that I’m not serving and glorifying God right now in the way I was made to. This is where that trust in God comes in. Packing up and moving to Charleston over a year ago did not seem logical or practical. Yet, I learned that God can take you anywhere and everywhere you desire. Following Jesus is not logical or practical. However, when I’m glorifying God it’s the only form of contentment I’ve ever known. It’s amazing. Now, I just have to stop listening to other people and listen to God. Writing this is the easy part, figuring out where I’m suppose to be is the hard part. Time to start prayin’!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend…

Looking a little rough and pretty early in the am, but what a cool shot!

My favorite board game and color!

We ran the rocky stairs!

Mhmm Cheese steaks really are better in Philly!

Life is so sweet, God is so good and my heart and stomache are so full!