So, right now I’m freaking OBSESSED with the romantic-vintage style. I know all my friends are going to kill me for saying this because one of my best friends is one of the most amazing photographers I know… but I’m in LOVE with Juliet Elizabeth photography. Her style comes from old movies, fashion and magazines, which I adore. I love, love, love the era of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I know what you’re thinking, who doesn’t… right?

Anywho, walking around downtown Charleston and getting back into doing make-up again is making me obsessed with looking at vintage blogs… and making me want my sewing machine that is back in Maine! Okay- so another thing that I’ve been inspired to do lately is, cook and bake. This is totally not the normal Chrissy. I feel like I’m going to become some 40’s housewife that walks around in high-heels, red lipstick and pin-curls while vacuuming, which I think is kind of sexy anyways…. is this me in 10 years? Ha… Probably not!

So here’s another first for me; having one of the first inside scoops on something new in Charleston that’s up and coming. I’m usually one of the last people to hear about anything new… but I’m super excited about Kate Stewart. She’s starting a new fashion website that is very similar to Juliet Elizabeth’s style. I’m already a fan and I haven’t even seen the finished product yet!

Another new discovery I made is the historic church at St. Andrews.  It kinda sucks that my salvation was not based on good deeds, because Jesus would totally love the fact that I went to both the morning and evening church services today. Although, I’m not going to lie… I may or may not have stolen a roll of TP out of the women’s bathroom at church tonight so I didn’t have to stop by the store on the way home. That’s kinda horrible, so I think it cancels out one of the services. :) But seriously, I’ve never been in the old building until tonight and I LOVED it. I loved the old pews with the doors, the old writing of Exodus 20 written on the wall, being able to kneel in the pews to pray… so awesome.

A combination of being in the old church and living in beautiful Charleston has inspired me to decorate my room in a romantic vintage-style. Luckily this will be pretty easy for me to do because I’m a dork who loves going to yard-sales, buying old useless furniture, stripping it down and re-staining it. The shabby chic line at Target also helps me out too! Here are a few pics that I loved!…