Things that made me smile today:

*Talking to Heather. Heather and I have been friends since 3rd grade. She’s the type of friend where we could let a week, two months or a whole year pass by and it would still feel like we hung out yesterday. There aren’t any awkward silences and we both have such genuine concern and care for what’s going on in each others lives. We spent some time catching up on the phone today, chatting about all the big decisions we are both making. It’s so crazy how much things change from high school. Heather knows every detail of my life and can always make me laugh… “Remember when we did this?”  Thinking about the immaturity of two high school girls will definitely put smile on your face.

*Spending time with Calee Yoe and Reames. I woke up to a text from Calee, which was such a little message from God, considering I woke up just feeling like it was going to be an awful day. It’s funny how the worst days seem to turn into the best days. Anyways, I went over to visit her at work. She’s a nanny to an adorable little girl named, Finley and a newborn baby boy.  It was so nice to catch up and just laugh for a bit. She also gave me an awesome new song to work out to… LOVE IT! (Carrie Underwood- Undo it)

*Looking in the mirror. Okay, this is going to so very conceited from a girl who is anything but that. However, I’ve been working out so much and can finally feel, see and notice a difference!

*Holding a baby. Even though I swear all babies hate me, it was nice to get a little reassurance from Reames that she also went through that period in her life. I love little babies though… so sweet and innocent, how could a baby not make you smile? Also- seeing pictures of Jess’ baby girl… ADORABLE. Oh, and all the new preggo’s out there… they make me smile too :)

*Being single! Knowing that I can pick and chose what I want to do, when I want to do it. And not settling for anything less than what God wants to give me. Sometimes it so easy get wrapped up in the word “break-up” that we don’t hear the word “Independence.” It can be an amazing period of growth towards God and a time to re-evaluate what you really want and NEED out of a relationship. It also is a time to reflect on what you could have improved on and start to pray for God to change these things.

*Going to dinner with the girls and hearing the hilarious stories about exposed balls and penis’s (propper plural/grammar on the double penis??? Someone get back to me on that please) Anyways, men unless we’re married to you… wear clothes that can cover it completely. We don’t want to see your junk in the front trunk.

*The lady at the gym who insisted it was my body that made the cover of Oblique magazine. Definitely not me, and she was an older lady, probably with poor eyesight… but hey I’ll take it. Regardless it made me smile.

*The sense of peace that I feel from God right now.  It’s been a rough few days, but today at this very moment I actually feel like it’s going to be alright. He’s given me my independence back and drive to grow closer to him. He’s opened my eyes to see the big picture and remember why I moved here. This world isn’t about me or you… it’s about being who God made us to be. I want to truly live out the Gospel. That’s worth smiling about.

Thank you Charleston and all the amazing people who live here… you all make me smile too. :)