I just needed to write a short and sweet blog about the overwhelming feeling of Joy I have right now. I am so amazed with the faithfulness of the Lord and I am continuously amazed at how he truly does keep his promises. In good times and in bad he is sovereign, and true. It’s honestly hard to catch my breath right now when I think about how blessed I am. The Lord has truly given me everything I’ve ever wanted. Things I never even knew I needed… it just chokes me up to think about all the blessings I’ve received compared to the good that I have left undone.

God has put such amazing people in my life. I’ve finally realized that the hardest situations can just bring you the most joy. That closeness that you feel to the Lord when you are at screaming and crying to be relieved of the pain, I just would not trade it for the world. I just feel so inspired, so joyful and stand in complete awe of my Savior.

That is all I needed to say! :)